Community Involvement

Recent Updates 

Rumford ATV Trail Grant 

June  2021 – Brookfield Renewable was pleased to have the opportunity to provide a $10,000 grant to the Rumford Riders ATV Club.  The grant is key to the community’s economic development and recreation goals.  The funding will support trail development that will provide direct access into the town of Rumford for ATV and trail users as well grant access to the newly built Best Western hotel.

River Valley Community Clean-Up 
April 22, 2021 – Brookfield Renewable is proud to be a sponsor of the River Valley Community Clean-Up.  The event is a grassroots environmental initiative organized by an informal group of River Valley citizens,  organized close to Earth Day.  To learn more about this event, you can visit their Facebook page.


Rumford Battery Storage Project 

 April 21, 2021 – Brookfield Renewable announced the future development of the Rumford Falls Energy Storage facility.  It will be capable of delivering 8 megawatts of power for a two-hour duration to the existing point of interconnection. Construction is expected to occur in 2022 and will take an estimated five months to complete.  To read more about this project, click here to view the article in the Rumford Falls Times.

The Rumford Battery Project will include three battery enclosures. The photo depicts a similar battery storage project developed in Millinocket in 2020.




Black Mountain Free Ski Night 

February 2021 – Brookfield Renewable sponsored a “Free Ski Night” on February 24, 2021, at Black Mountain of Maine.  Black Mountain is a non-profit, ski cooperative that serves the greater Rumford region.


Fall Annual Boat Barrier Removal 


Mexico Lions Club 

Brookfield Renewable provided a $4,300 donation to the Mexico Lions Club, which includes members from Mexico, Rumford, and the surrounding communities. The funds will be used towards the purchase of vision screening equipment that will be used in the local schools and for improvements to their newly purchased club building.  The Lions Club, like many civic organizations, relies upon fund-raising from selling food at festivals and community events or hosting bingo games, lobster bakes, and chicken dinners. With the onset of the pandemic, the Club has struggled to raise funds and Brookfield Renewable’s donation will give them a much-needed boost. To convey their appreciation, the Lions Club presented Brookfield with a plaque.

To read more about the story in the Rumford Falls Times, click here.


Rumford Drawdown, September 8-15

August 31 – Brookfield will perform annual maintenance and will require a drawdown of 3 feet from September 8 through 15.


Tour with Sen. Lisa Keim 

August 27 – Members of Brookfield Renewable’s operations team hosted a socially distant tour with State Senator Lisa Keim and Diane Jackson a constituent services representative for U.S. Senator Susan Collins.    Along with a tour, the staff provided Senator Keim with an update related to Rumford and the hydro projects Brookfield operates in her district.


Med Cares Equipment Donation 








May 2020 – Med Care, a local provider of ambulance/EMT services to North Oxford Co., initiated a community capital campaign to buy equipment that will minimize worker exposure to COVID-19.  As part of Brookfield’s charitable outreach during the pandemic, the company contributed $5,000 to the campaign which will help purchase automatic ventilators and mechanical CPR devices.  The CPR device provides compressions mechanically, which normally takes two licensed providers alternating over 20-plus minutes.   A gift announcement was held over Zoom with Med Care staff and Brookfield employees.  You can read more about the donation here.


Spring Flows Safety Notification 









April 2020- As the public seeks outdoor activities in accordance with CDC and state guidelines, Brookfield Renewable reminds members of the public to use safe recreation practices when it comes to fishing, boating, or being near water and hydroelectric facilities along the Androscoggin River.

In addition to recent weather events, the Androscoggin River is characteristically subject to high flows and dangerous rapids from April through mid-May due to seasonal runoff and snowmelt. Currents are exponentially stronger in the spring in comparison to summer months. Alerts for high-flow events are routinely posted at Brookfield Renewable’s flow information website,

For boaters and anglers, please be aware that boat barriers at Brookfield Renewable hydroelectric and recreation facilities are not installed until May when conditions are safe enough for workers to place them in the water.  Boat barriers are typically installed in late May at the Upper Dam hydro facility operated by Brookfield Renewable along the Androscoggin River in Maine.

With an increase in spring outdoor activity, Brookfield Renewable urges the public to use extra precaution when recreating on or near water and to exercise the following water safety guidelines:

-Always use a U.S. Coast Guard-approved personal flotation device.

-Respect all warning lights, sirens, signs, buoys, booms, barriers, and fences.

-Unsafe river conditions include high water levels and strong currents. During these conditions, severe injury or death can result.

-High water levels may persist days after rain or snowfall/melt.

-Share your location information and use the buddy system when you wade, swim, fish, or boat.

-Know your physical limitations when recreating on or near water.

Brookfield Renewable encourages the public to visit recreation areas close to home and to avoid outdoor activities that put you at high risk for injury to reduce the strain on first responders and healthcare resources.   Go to to check water conditions before you recreate.



Black Mountain Free Ski Night 

February 2020 – Brookfield Renewable sponsored a “Free Ski Night” on February 6, 2020, at Black Mountain of Maine.  Black Mountain is a non-profit, ski cooperative that serves the greater Rumford region.


Rumford Riders ATV Club Trail Maintenance Donation 







January 2020 – The Rumford Riders ATV Club received a donation of $1,750 for trail maintenance.  Rumford Riders ATV Club has an easement on Brookfield property for trail access.   You can read more about the donation here.


Telestar Freshman Academy Annual Fall Tour 







November 2019 – Brookfield Renewable hosted more than 40 students from Telestar Freshman Academy in Bethel, ME.  The students toured the Rumford hydro facility as part of their integrated learning curriculum on innovation.  For the last several years, Telestar brings its students to tour the Rumford facility each fall.